A little about us


“Lærkegården” is originally named after a preserved grave mound called  “Lærkehøj”. We find that the grave mound in our back garden compliments our rural surroundings in a beautiful and natural way.


Richard and Anette Erdmann are the breeders of “Lærkegården”. As the breeders, we find it essential to provide our dogs with the best possible surroundings outdoors as well as in our home.Our kennel is formerly known for its excellent breedings of Briards, however since December 1998, we have only been the breeders of Welsh Corgi Cardigan.


Our kennel consists of 2 males and 5 bitches. As we mainly have the health and well-being of our dogs at heart, we prefer to maintain a small kennel in which the dogs are bred to become good family and show dogs. We especially try to create an environment in which we can connect with all of our dogs. Therefore you will find that all of our puppies enjoy human contact which is essential and characterize a good family dog.